6 NEW website SEO tips for 2016. Up – to- date SEO to use NOW on your website…

  • August 4, 2016
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hi honestly we’re going to talk about how to improve your chances of getting
0:05to page one of Google how to improve the SEO of your site so that you can be
0:12found better by your customers or those who want to reach your viewers now as we
0:19come into this next year
0:20Google are changing the way which they are betting sites and blogs sites and
0:27even videos because they want to make it a good experience for the viewer is not
0:33because of anything against you or I it’s just that they want to make sure
0:36that what people are looking for is what they find on page one of Google and not
0:42other stuff which is distracting them to hear my six tips include video we are
0:50definitely in the video age now people want and even expect videos on your blog
0:56page and to be relevant and interactive as to what every day is they’re
1:01searching for now the two is to make sure that your web page or blog is very
1:08clear share buttons and a very clearly displayed very colorful and you might
1:14even want to refer to them in your blog or even on your videos press the Share
1:20this video or press the subscribe button below this video that will enable your
1:27material to be coming to other viewers as well similar to yourself and you will
1:32find then that Google will pick this up because they love things to be shared on
1:38the internet so get sharing number three is tell people what to do the same
1:44stretch but you need to instruct people on your video or even on your site
1:50exactly what to do so you say to them subscribe now or get this often now you
1:57do you good if you press through and find out the schedule so you’re telling
2:01people what to do people want to be instructed and pointed in the right
2:05action if they stay long enough on your sily trust you and the other thing is
2:11that before
2:12is test all the links on your page
2:16make sure that when you do press share button that the material that is
2:21relevant and you’ve got a good picture or a good video but it’s going through
2:25two and it doesn’t go to do something she’s gonna put the loss because there
2:31Google will be watching to see how long people are going to be on your site and
2:35they’re gonna be analyzing how long they staying with the connections that you
2:39give to them so if you send them to another league how long with a stand on
2:42that link will they come back to you after the league so you want to make
2:46sure that you send it to another page even if you sent another website getting
2:51to come back again because Google they know these things and they wanted to
2:56against have a good experience for the viewer now the next thing is is to make
3:03sure that you’ve got good content now by that I mean that it’s not too short
3:08though Google apparently are changing the way that they doing things now is
3:12that they are analyzing how many words there are in the text and indeed are you
3:18can get away with 300 words for an article but now Google looking for
3:23between 1,200 and 1,500 words now if you can do that it means that Google will
3:29feel that the content that you’ve got on your page is going to be interesting and
3:34relevant to the view and the view is likely to stay on your page
3:38a long time so that’s the number six last 1 I’m still got that number six the
3:47last one is the best time to send out your emails to your list to send out
3:54your your video links to your list is an example for you you may find that one of
4:02the best times who sent this things out is in the afternoon
4:06military afternoon because sometimes people are not getting many
4:11males so when they look at their home and they see something from you say no
4:17to three or four o’clock in the afternoon
4:19click on it because they’re not looking for something to generate interest but
4:25it depends on what other content you’ve got to be the best time to try out
4:30different times which is the best time for you to send any content and unlocked
4:36ok right please feel free to have a look below you’ll find some other links to
4:42the freemen share this particular one here which is how to get your website or
4:49blog for your video on page one of Google has a special free training
4:54program below so do take advantage of that ok hope to see another video

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