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Below are some of the more frequently asked questions we get…

The answer is…when Google puts you there 🙂 But Seriously, Google says in it’s patent it takes 20-70 days to award the power of one link pointing to a website. We are seeing links fully kick in around 4 weeks. While we are waiting for links to kick in, we work on creating georelevance for your business and building the trust and authority of your brand to let Google know you should be at the top.

We understand you need leads. That’s why we don’t JUST do the SEO. We also do conversion rate optimization on your site to turn more of your existing traffic into potential customers. Also, every site has a drop off rate of about 80%. We take that 80% and put them onto a remarketing list so we keep your brand on the top of their mind and get more missed opportunities back to the table for another chance at them contacting you. 

The organic rankings to be at the top of Google typically take around 10 months with a new site because we have to build up trust and authority. With an existing site, that time frame could be less depending on the quality of links you have pointing to your site.

All we need is access to your website admin login area to make on page changes. If you are using WordPress, we just need the wp-admin login credentials for an Administrator on the site. You will know if you are an administrator if you can see the plugins and themes menu option on the left when you login. Other than that just a few minor things like adding us as a manger on your Google My Business listing. We have a complete onboarding process to walking you through the few things we need.

Nope. There are some websites that take considerable more time because of bad SEO performed in the past that we have to undo or because of a Google Penalty we have to reverse but if a site is just starting out or the link profile looks clean, then it’s smooth sailing.

No we do not. For two reasons… 1) We believe that you are the expert on your business and should be the one sharing updates. 2) We want to focus on what brings you more leads and that’s being at the top of Google. Top placement on Google can bring you more business that you can handle so we just focus on that to make sure you get there.